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Technical Translations

I would be happy to provide you with translations in the following language pairs:

- French - German

- German - French 

-  English - French

                                                                - English - German  

All other target languages are assigned to recognized specialist translators and checked by us (four-eyes principle).

Draußen lesen

Terminology Management

a uniform terminology

  • strengthens your Corporate Identity

  • simplifies the digitalisation of your product data 

  • facilitates product understanding 

  • makes communication easy in your company and with your clients

  • avoids misunderstandings 


Technical Writing

We create your standardized product information in accordance with the applicable guidelines - target group-specific and product-compliant. 

As the technical documentation is part of your product, it has to meet the legal and normative requirements in order to avoid liability claims. 

Industry concept of technical documentation. Engineering information guide document..jpg
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